7 secrets of Digital Marketing for B2B

Xebec Communications Pvt. Ltd., a leading branding and digital marketing company with presence in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore is hosting a webinar on 7 secrets of Digital Marketingfor B2B. Business-to-business or B2B refers to business that is conducted between companies, rather than between a company and an individual consumer.

A business whose end consumer could be anywhere in the globe. B2B is often neglected in digital marketing and Xebec intends to plug that gap. With the current scenario of doom and gloom, marketing may not be the priority for any company. But this is the best time to be visible to a potential customer so that when he is ready to buy, the company which is visible would be likely to be in the consideration set.

Who should attend: If you are in an industry dealing in B2B, this webinar is for you. You could be an industrialist, owner of a Manufacturing /midsize I.T company, VP Marketing, a Sales Manager or even a Start Up.

This is part of a series of 7 webinars that will cater to different verticals going forward. Stay tuned for an informative and educational series to kick start your business today.
The webinar is free for all and registrations are now open.
21st July 2020 ,4.00 pm to 5.30 pm

The webinar will be conducted by Ms. Kiran Bhat who has over 28 years of experience in branding and marketing. She is a regular speaker and Panellist at various industry forums.


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