How to Adapt the right Marketing Strategy for your Company?

Marketing and marketing solutions has evolved significantly which today includes a mix of strategies, technology and tools that are used to promote products or services of a company. Ad agencies have to therefore include various parameters to crack the brief right and to achieve the best results by reaching out to the right people. Xebec Communications, a well-known advertising agency in Pune believes in providing a complete spectrum of services that includes mainline advertising and digital advertising. With changing times and demand for technology-based advertising, the company has grown on to become an online advertising agency in Pune, thereby catering to a wide range of clients across diverse sectors. Broadly speaking, these services include, creation of a highly responsive website, SEO, SME, creative content, Social media, digital media buying etc. The role of an ad agency has undergone a sea change which today includes various roles and duties. Dynamic management, dedicated team, years of experience-all of these go a long way in cracking the brief right for the clients.

Key strategies for effective advertising

Having the right strategy is a must, must because it is how things can go as planned. With years of experience as an ad agency, Xebec believes that a well-researched strategy that highlights the benefits, the USP and the value proposition that your company stands for can help you stand out in a sea of competitors. Once this is done, there is always some scope left to go beyond the well-laid plan and orthodox marketing techniques by weaving interesting stories in an engaging and captivating way.
Today the company is a well-known online advertising agency in Pune which shows that believes in strategizing the right approach as per individual clients. Broadly speaking, here are some of the online digital marketing solutions for businesses-
-Creating banner ads, pop-ups, display ads
-SEO and SEM
-Social media posts created by ad agencies
-Native advertising through user searches
-Pay per click advertising where the advertiser pays for the number of clicks made by the user
-remarketing techniques through cookie-based technology
-Affiliate marketing by taking services of influencers and bloggers
-Video Ads that carry captivating content created by a professional ad agency

Conservative advertising to reach out to larger audience
Till date, mainline advertising is used to reach out to the masses and people far and wide. It takes one glance by the onlooker to grab all the information that is given on these platforms. Mainline advertising primarily includes print media, television or radio advertising, hoardings, fliers etc. Unlike China and other countries where mainline advertising has seen a decline, in India, they still continue to rule the roost. Companies and ad agencies have to adapt effective strategy through ad agencies for mainline advertising in order to reach out to a wider audience and gather customer base. If the coming in of the digital media has changed the scene significantly, advertising agency in Pune continue to provide such mainline advertising services for their clients.

Technology and tools to reach out to the right audience

The right combination of tools, technology and strategy is what digital advertising is all about. Online advertising agency in Pune such as Xebec has the necessary wherewithal for this process. A dedicated team of people and a plethora of tools to ensure that you get it right when it comes to reaching out to the right target audience. Advertising agency in Pune believes that there is a long way to go when it comes to online advertising and therefore includes various technology-based tools for functions like data analytics, statistics and lead marketing. The user interface, responsiveness of the website and its ability to draw traffic determine the success of any online campaign.


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